Community, Conversation, Connection & Coffee!

Nothing beats a small town café!  When you walk into a Covernotes, you will experience the warmth of the staff, the creativity of the featured artist on the walls, delicious food, local entertainment and fantastic teas and coffees.

Started in 1999 by owners Nancy & Tom Dier, Covernotes offers cafes in Richmond Hill and Newmarket, as well as a custom Roastery in Newmarket, Ontario.

Coffee beans are imported from various countries in Africa and are then roasted to perfection in the Newmarket Roastery.  You couldn’t get coffee any fresher if you tried, unless you travelled to Africa!

coffee beansCovernotes also prides itself on community connection.  Covernotes provides the coffee beans for Commons Coffee, a non profit organization.  Commons Coffee runs small cafes and provides the coffee beans to other non profits as a way to help people with special abilities gain work experience and fundraise within the community.

Whether you love herbal teas or coffee, want to experience the small town feel or just want to pop in for a smile, Covernotes is your place to be.

We look forward to serving you!

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